Where can I find your podcast?

For Fawkes' Sake Podcast can be found on any of your favorite podcasting platforms! As we did just recently change our name, we may experience some transition pains, so bear with us as we work out the kinks!


How did you meet?

Ellen and Keighty were brought together by their mutual friend, Mike, whom they now call their Nick Fury. Mike knew each of them were Harry Potter fans and asked them to join a trivia team for a Harry Potter trivia night. Not only did their trivia team win that night, a new friendship was formed! After many more trivia nights, Harry Potter discussions, and a Harry Potter marathon weekend, the friendship was solidified and Just Keep Rowling was born, though we did decide to change our name to For Fawkes' Sake. Karlee was actually our very first Patron and Support Badger, who earned her way to friend and now co-host!


Why did you change your name?

It has always been our goal to create a safe and welcoming environment and we acknowledge that we couldn't fully do that with our original name, so we decided to change it. While we love Harry Potter, we do not condone or agree with its creator's ignorant opinions and wanted to be sure that our name does not align us with views that are hurtful to the trans community.


How can I become a Patron?

As we continue to grow, we will be producing more content for Patrons only. Patreon is a website that allows us to offer a membership for our listeners to grant them access to special content and other perks, such as merchandise, choosing the content we cover in our bonus episodes, Potterheads: A History, and possibly even being a guest host for an episode! Check out our Patreon page here.


How can I join your Facebook Page?

Find our Facebook page here!


How can I submit my Sorting Hat Story?

Please email it to us at forfawkessakepodcast@gmail.com and we will make sure to read it on a future episode!


Where can I find you on social media?

Facebook: @FawkesSakePod

Instagram: @FawkesSakePod

Threads: @FawkesSakePod

TikTok: @ForFawkesSakePod

YouTube: For Fawkes' Sake Podcast